Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help Our Body to Fight

Do you know we have many fighters in our body. They are called phagocytes. They eat foreign things, such as bacteria, virus, or dead cells. When they are active, our body is clean, we feel clear-minded and energetic. When they are not active, we feel drowsy, cloudy-headed, and tired.

How do we keep the phagocytes active? Phagocytes are like little babies. When they are not hungry, they don’t like to eat. Some Chinese cancer researchers made experiments and found out, when we feel hungry, that’s the time when the phagocytes are active.

Now we understand why the old saying goes like, do not eat too full, eat 70-80% is good for our health. Let’s give it a try and help our body to fight effectively.


Unknown said...

It's a practical, but not eaily observed, habit.
You also should have a strong determination.

huxiaodi said...

hi, xiao nan

huxiaodi said...

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huxiaodi said...

it is rather toublesome to use this --- too many requirements

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