Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tai Chi and Longevity

Tai Chi and QiGong work on the Qi flow along the channels that associate with our internal organs. They can offer theraputic effects if practiced correctly. Many examples in history proved that Tai Chi and QiGong effectively helped the weak to become strong and the sick to heal. It is a proven effective tool leading to a healthy and quality life.

Grandmaster WU Tunan (吴图南) lived 104 years (1885-1989). He was a sick boy when he was yong. His parents sent him to learn Tai Chi when he was nine years old. Later he taught marshall arts at schools and universities and became a well-known researcher in this field. One of his research subjects was longevity through Tai Chi and QiGong. He shared his experience at his 100-year birthday celebration. He said that he lived a full and quality life because of Tai Chi.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pathways of Healing

When we practice Tai Chi and QiGong for health and healing, it is important to understand the traditional Chinese meridians or channels (经络) which are know as pathways of energy flow. Through practice, we are able to focus the Qi and send it along the pathways for healing and releasing discomfort.

There are twelve primary channels(十二正经) that are related to internal organs. Six can be found on the arms and the other six can be found on the legs. During our practice we stimulate these channels to improve the energy flow through our internal organs.

The channels on the arms are related to heart, pericardium(心包), lungs, large intestine, small intestine, and the trunk of the body which is know as SanJiao(三焦).

The channels on the legs are related to liver, spleen, kidney, stomach, gall bladder, and bladder.

If you can't remember their locations, simply pat along your arms and legs in the morning after you get up and in the evening before you go to bed. You may add a third time during the day while you watch television or listen to music. You will feel good and it IS good for your health.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tai Chi for Healthy and Quality Life

As we enter the new year of 2009, I would like to make a new year resolution that I make more efforts in promoting Tai Chi for healthy and quality life for the communities. Much need to be done in the following areas:

- Tai Chi for busy people to release pressure
- Tai Chi for seniors to strengthen balance and flexibility
- Special instructions for wheelchair Tai Chi
- Understand and work with Chinese Meridian (经络)
- Practice Qi(气) and use it for healing
- Push Hands (推手) for health and healing

In addition to the current classes, individual appointment will be available after May 2009. Please send email to