Monday, August 1, 2011

Who's Responsibility--Doctor or Self

When you feel something's not right, you go to the doctor. The doctor does all the necessary tests and says, don't worry, come back in three months. Is there anything the doctor is not telling you? Or he simply can't tell you anything at this moment. To get it clear, you first need to know who is responsible for your own health.

The doctor takes care of you when you are up to the criteria of certain illness. However, the doctor cannot put you under medication when you are not yet reaching that criteria. You may say, but I feel something's going on with my health. You are right. Chronic health problems develop in your body over time. The current "something" you feel may have developed inside your body over 10-20 years even longer. And it's still developing. If you wait, one day the doctor will definitely put you under medication. Are you going to wait for that day?

Don't wait. Do something! It is your own responsibility to keep yourself healthy. That is to say, you have many options not to reach the doctor's criteria, or at least delay the onset of a chronic illness.

It is often being ignored during the period when chronic health problems are forming/developing over the years. You may have thousands of reasons not to face the facts, or not to understand the signals your body is sending you, or often times simply do not link the dots together.

Human body is a unique system that all parts are linked one way or another. Even your nails and hair can show what is going on inside you. If you treat your body as a whole, always try to understand the little signals your body sending you, listen to your body and do the right thing your body needs, many chronic health problems can be prevented.

Do not get scared. Take positive actions to change the course, whatever it takes. It is your own responsibility to keep up with your health.