Sunday, August 24, 2008

Energy Overdrawn and Stress

I never felt tired when I was 18. I always thought energy could never be used up. Not any more. As we march towards middle age and more mature ages, a balance of energy level becomes the most important issue for a quality life. Not money, not house, not a good job, but energy level of our health.

A large number of the general public are living a busy life style. From school kids to retirees, from executives to full time moms. Busy schedules are made even during weekends and vacation time. If we can deposit our energy to a bank, many of us might get warnings for insufficient energy in our account. We are facing a serious problem of energy overdrawn.

A typical symptom of energy overdrawn is over-stress. Many common illness are related to stress. Allergy, cold, aches and pains, back problems, sleeping problems, you name it. It can lead to degenerative illness or more serious life threatening problems. But don't get scared. There is hope.

Tai Chi is a powerful solution to regain energy. It reduces the stress and strengthens the body at the same time. Combine Tai Chi with QiGong and practice on a daily basis. Start your practice today.

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