Friday, February 20, 2009

Live Wisely and Meridian Channels

The body heals, not the medicine, not the medical equipment. No matter how much medicine we pour into a dead person, it will not work. Because the healing mechanism is with us when we are alive. This is beyond the current medical science can explain. The ancient people figured out wise ways to work with this natural healing mechanism which still work up to this day.

We must not treat our body as a machine. Rather, we should treat it as an extremely highly intelligent being. Having this kind of understanding in mind, we will not try to temper with any part of our body with our shallow knowledge, but try to understand its unique operation as a whole and cope with it according to its natural way.

Tai Chi and QiGong are along this line of Chinese traditional medicine theory to help the body to heal naturally. According to this theory, the blood and energy supply focus on different meridian channels during the 12 time zones of a day. Each pair of related two channels work together to keep a balance.

子zi 11:00pm-1:00am--Gall Bladder Channel
丑chou 1:00-3:00am--Liver Channel

寅yin 3:00-5:00am--Lung Channel
卯mou 5:00-7:00am--Large Intestine Channel

辰chen 7:00-9:00am--Stomach Channel
巳si 9:00-11:00am--Spleen Channel

午wu 11:00am-1:00pm--Heart Channel
未wei 1:00-3:00pm--Small Intestine Channel

申shen 3:00-5:00pm--Bladder Channel
酉you 5:00-7:00pm--Kidney Channel

戌xu 7:00-9:00pm--Pericardium Channel(心包经)
亥hai 9:00-11:00pm--Triple Heater Channel(三焦经)