Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heng and Ha

Heng(哼)and Ha(哈)are the two sounds when practicing pre-birth Qi(先天气)which is a higher level of Tai Chi QiGong. When one established routine practice of basic Tai Chi QiGong, it might be time to make one step forward. Pre-birth QiGong will lead you to a whole new level.

Heng-and-Ha practice was kept as a secret in Chen’s family. They did this practice in the middle of the night when they believed it was the best time to boost up the Qi. Those of you who had experience of Heng-and-Ha with me in Tai Chi class may recall the strong feeling after a short practice.

Heng-and-Ha is a key step in practicing pre-birth Qi(先天气)which is also known as Dan-Tian-Qi(丹田气), Nei-Qi(内气), or Zhen-Qi(真气). When say Heng, we inhale while the lower abdomen going inward. When say Ha, we exhale while the lower abdomen going outward. It is helpful to practice with movements. One should be relaxed and follow the body's natural way of breathing when first start practicing this type of QiGong. It takes time to train the body, and one should not rush.

This practice is not for beginners, and it is not for those who have pre-conditions of health concerns.